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New Tax-Free First Home Savings Account Aims to Help Young Canadians Buy Their First Homes

As house prices continue to soar, the prospect of saving for a down payment on a home has become an elusive dream for many Canadians, […]

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Canada’s Population Reaches New Milestone

Canada’s population reaches an exciting milestone this summer by reaching 40 million people. A large part of this growth is due to immigration. Nearly one […]

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Immigration Crucial to Fill Job Vacancies, Research Shows

Statistics Canada released the results of the Job Vacancy and Wage Survey report for the second quarter on September 20th, 2022. The report addressed continued […]

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What Canada’s Record-Low Unemployment Means for Immigration

According to a recent Statistics Canada report, Canada’s unemployment rate hit a record low at 5.1%. As the Canadian economy exceeds pre-pandemic growth, employers look […]

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Canada Celebrates French-Speaking Immigration

This week, Canada celebrates the contributions of French-speaking immigrants across the country. Canadian Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, has described National Francophone Immigration Week as an […]

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Canada Overtakes the UK in Top Country Ranking

According to the latest Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index, Canada ranks as the second-best country in the world, just behind Germany.

Canada Appoints New Immigration Minister

The Liberal government appointed a new Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada today on October 26, 2021. The new minister, Sean Fraser, is a […]

Updated COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for Travellers Using Regulated Transportation

The Canadian government has recently released an update on travel requirements for federally regulated modes of transportation. As of October 30, 2021, travelers and employees […]

Canadian Job Vacancies at Record High in Second Quarter of 2021

Statistics Canada has recently released the Job Vacancies report from the second quarter of 2021, revealing job vacancies are at a record high. As a […]

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