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What Type Of Aspiring Canadian Applicant Are You?

Everyday dozens of people contact us to ask questions about their Canadian Immigration application that they have already submitted, or are about to submit. If they are already a Canadim client then we are happy to answer any and all questions/concerns they might have, as this is part of our service standard. But many prospective applicants are not our clients (or at least not yet) so we have written this article to help you guys use our services more effectively.

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Three Types of Aspiring Canadian Applicants

Individuals interested in Canadian Immigration, who based on research or recommendations from friends and colleagues, are considering using Canadim as their legal representation.

For these people, we are very happy to assess your credentials, inform you that you qualify (if you appear to be eligible to apply) and answer some minor questions or concerns you might have before signing an agreement with us.  This is all done prior to signing a contract and therefore 100% free of charge. Additionally, we like to be proactive with our clients and advise you well in advance of any deadlines or requested documents so you will never feel like you are being kept in the dark about your application.

Applicants who have submitted an application with another agent, consultant or firm.

You might be asking yourself why someone who has already signed an agreement with a local consultant would contact Canadim for help. After all, Canadim clients certainly don’t need to email other consultants to get straight answers on their immigration application so why do we receive so many messages from people who choose local consultants to represent them.

The reason is simple; they are asking Canadim because they know that they can trust us and their consultant doesn’t respond to their phone calls or emails anymore. The story the consultant told from the beginning keeps changing and now the client doesn’t know what to believe. For these people I’m afraid there isn’t a lot we can do. We cannot advise you on an application we did not represent you on for liability reasons but if you wish to cancel your old representation and authorize Canadim to represent you, this is a possibility which we will outline below.

Applicants that submit their application on their own.

If they applied on their own but are contacting us for advice, they are asking because they lack the necessary knowledge to successfully submit their application.

You would be amazed at some of the questions we receive from people who are planning on submitting their own application. Questions like “where do I submit my application to?” Or “what is a CSQ?” If you don’t know the answer to these questions then that’s fine, just don’t submit your own application and think it is going to be ok. You should consult professional help and that’s what the Canadim Team is here for, to guide and assist you with all aspects of your Canadian Immigration application.

Most of these individuals only come to us after their first refusal but in this current climate of immigration caps and quotas, you don’t have time to waste on multiple attempts. Go with Canadim the first time and make the right choice for your Canadian Immigration application.

Switching Representation To Canadim: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you wish to switch representation to Canadim we would need you to sign a contract with our firm and remit the fees as per the agreement. But before we can take over representation for your case we need to know a few things first:

  1. We need to know the date you submitted your application
  2. What category of Canadian Immigration you applied under
  3. What was the last correspondence you received from the visa office (if any)
  4. An updated CV/Resume


I should also mention you are free to submit two different applications for Canadian Permanent Residence at the same time. So when one application is approved we simply withdraw the application that is still pending. In other words, if you wanted to apply under both the Quebec Skilled Worker program and the Federal Skilled Worker program, this is acceptable, just understand you will be paying for two applications.

We invite you to complete our free online assessment and see what other Canadian Immigration options you might have.

In closing, when you become a Canadim client you benefit from our 16+ years of experience in the Canadian Immigration field and the peace of mind that a Certified Canadian Immigration Attorney is looking out for your best interests.

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The Canadim Team!

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