Why move to Canada from the USA? 

Published on: August 23rd, 2022

Considering moving from the USA to Canada? You’re not alone, the number of American citizens and permanent residents immigrating to Canada has been on the rise in recent years. Known for its breathtaking natural beauty, diverse culture, and warm people, it has become an obvious choice for many Americans when considering where to move outside of the US.  

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Cost of Living

Cost of living is one of the biggest factors to consider when comparing places to live. Overall, the average cost of living is generally higher in the United States compared to Canada. Comparable Canadian cities in terms of size and population tend to be significantly cheaper to live in than their American counterparts. While it can vary greatly depending on the type of area you live in, the cost of living is 13% lower in Canada than in the United States. On a worldwide scale, the United States is ranked as the 6th most expensive country in the world compared to Canada in 14th place.

Housing Costs

Housing costs are one of the primary things to consider when looking at cost of living. This again depends on where you live and which type of area, but on average rent is 29.6% higher in the US compared to Canada. In addition, rent in a major Canadian city is likely to be much cheaper than in comparable cities in the US.


Transportation is another major factor to consider in regard to the cost of living, and in general, public transportation is more affordable and easier to access in Canada compared to the US. In January 2022 an average of just .1% of Americans used public transportation compared to 2% of Canadians in the same month. Generally, public transportation is a relatively uncommon method of commuting in the US which contributes to transportation costs.


Healthcare is another essential factor to consider when deciding why to move to Canada from the USA. Due to Canada’s universal health care, overall healthcare is considerably cheaper than in the US. Though it’s difficult to make a direct comparison as Canadian healthcare is covered by taxes, the average American spends $12,500 (CAD $16,311) a year on healthcare.

Education Opportunities

Canada is the most educated country in the world! With about 56% of the population having attended some form of post-secondary studies, it’s no surprise they are a leader in education. With a wide variety of programs and a high quality of teaching, both countries have a lot to offer in terms of education. However, when it comes to cost, a Canadian education will cost you significantly less than an American one.

The cost of higher education is approximately $33,215 in the US compared to $23,300 in Canada. This means that on average, education costs roughly one-third less in Canada than in the US. One in five students in the US have student loans after graduation and can owe tens of thousands of dollars. Lower education costs give more students access to educational opportunities that may not have been possible otherwise.


Canada typically ranks higher for quality of life and safety than the USA. U.S. News’s 2021 Best Countries Report gave Canada a score of 96.7 out of 100 for safety; on the same scale, the United States scored just 10.8. When comparing homicide rates per 100,000 people, the USA is about 400% higher than Canada. Canada’s safety provides peace of mind to prospective newcomers thats not necessarily offered in the USA.

Culture & Natural Beauty

Both countries have similar appeal and enticing attractions to offer. When it comes to culture and natural beauty, Canada has something for everyone! Canada has the largest total land area dedicated to national parks. While the US boasts 62 national parks at 210,000 km2, Canada has 47 national parks at 377,000 km2. If you are a nature lover, then you can’t miss the over 22,000 hiking trails across Canada.

Similar to the US, each area of Canada has its own unique culture and appeal. One province of note is Quebec with a unique francophone history and culture. Home to Canada’s second-largest city, Montreal is a popular tourist destination for Canadians and Americans alike. Quebec is also a popular destination to learn French. As of 2021, there are over 6.5 million French speakers living in Quebec and that number is growing. It’s no wonder why many are making the move to Canada from the USA!

How to Move to Canada from the US

With so much to offer it’s no surprise that Canada is one of the top countries in the world when it comes to immigration. With immigration in high demand, Canada has created several pathways to give opportunities to individuals of various backgrounds and profiles. Over the next three years, Canada plans to admit over 1.3 million newcomers. Visit our complete guide to explore the different pathways and learn more about how you can move to Canada from the USA.

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