Double Your Chances: Express Entry

Double Chances Express Entry

29 Aug, 2016 Double Your Chances: Express Entry

With six month processing times and access to Canadian employers looking to hire, Express Entry was the answer to everyones’ wishlist for a new Canadian Immigration system. Express Entry accepts a wide variety of applicants and you DO NOT need to be married to apply. But if you are married, check out our article on tips to maximize your chances under Express Entry, the Canadian Immigration program everyone is talking about.



In January 2015, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada launched the Express Entry system. Since then, follow up reports have shown that Express Entry successfully reduced processing times to as little as six months, in 80% of cases.

Express Entry shifted Canadian immigration from a first-come-first-served system to one where candidates are ranked against each other in the Express Entry pool. Only highly ranked candidates are then invited to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence.

When you submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) to Express Entry, you can include your spouse on your application. Your spouse’s credentials, like education, work experience, and language skills, can increase your CRS score.

But did you know: You can double your chances of being invited to apply by both submitting an Expression of Interest.


When you submit an EOI, you are the principal applicant. But since you can also include your spouse or common-law partner, you can double your presence in the Express Entry pool by filling out two EOI’s. One where you are the principal applicant, and a second one where your spouse or partner is.

Once you and your spouse are both in the pool, you can create two profiles for the Canada Job Bank. Since obtaining a job offer from a Canadian employer awards a candidate with 600 additional CRS points (out of 1200), candidates with job offers are very likely to receive an invitation to apply. If you and your spouse have two separate profiles, you can double your chances of receiving a job offer.

You are also twice as likely to be selected by one of Canada’s many Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). Being selected by a PNP also awards a candidate 600 additional CRS points.

Only one of you needs to receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence. Successful candidates can bring their spouse or common-law partner and dependent children with them. So once one of you receives your invitation, you just need to withdraw your unsuccessful profile and continue your immigration process with the successful one!

At Canadim, we are with you every step of the way. We don’t just prepare our client’s immigration file; we prepare our clients for their new life in Canada too! Get your free online assessment by using our quick and easy assessment tool.


The Canadim Team!

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