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Trump’s Wealth Test Takes Effect for US Immigrants

It has been two weeks since Trump’s newest anti-immigration policy, formally known as Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds officially came into effect. This is the latest in a series of increasingly harsh immigration policies put in place by the Trump administration. This policy will make it more difficult for immigrants to secure a US green card, particularly if they have been the recipients of social assistance such as food stamps or healthcare. 

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The policy was first announced in August but was only approved by the Supreme Court last month. The new changes add restrictions to a century-old ruling called the public charge rule, which states that immigrants that are likely to require a great deal of public assistance should not be considered for residency. 

The policy has now been extended to include anyone who would receive non-cash benefits, such as food stamps, Medicaid, and subsidized housing. Under this policy, many immigrants who would previously have qualified for US residency would now be deemed ineligible. It will apply to anyone who has received government benefits for a duration of 12 months over the last 36 months. Additionally, the required salary for a family of four has been raised significantly, from $32,000 to $60,000 per year.

Concerns have been raised over the fact that those receiving government benefits tend to belong to some of the most vulnerable factions of society, primarily women, children, and the elderly. Although it may seem that this new ruling would only affect a narrow margin of the population, in fact the Migration Policy Institute estimates that as many as 23 million immigrants will be impacted by the wealth test. 

It also seems to be a direct attack on family reunification, which the Trump administration has already denounced as it supposedly attracts unskilled immigrants and undermines national security. 

Through restrictions such as the wealth test, as well as the latest amendments to the US travel ban, Trump’s administration continues to dissuade potential immigrants, many of whom are looking to Canada as a friendly alternative

Family Class Immigration is still the second largest immigration stream in Canada, and the Canadian government continues to make family reunification a priority In Canada, all citizens and permanent residents have access to Canada’s universal health care system through the province or territory where they live. While the future of US immigration grows increasingly uncertain, Canada remains committed to welcoming more newcomers every year!

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