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21 Mar, 2014 New Canadian Citizenship Regulations

Did you know: Canadian Citizenship requirements are changing for the first time since 1977? Just as a bit of background one must first become a Canadian Permanent Resident and then, after a certain amount of time, you are eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship. The amount of time needed to be spent in Canada is the major change to the regulations.

Previously, applicants needed to physically reside in Canada for 3 out of 4 years before they were eligible.

The changes to Canada’s Citizenship Act are as follows:

  1. A Canadian Permanent Resident must now spend 4 out of the last 6 years in Canada, or, in other words 1460 days out of 2,190 days. One further stipulation is that an applicant must spend at least 183 days in Canada, for every year you wish to have counted towards your residency requirement.
  2. They will reduce the backlog of existing citizenship applications by increasing the requirements as well as streamlining the decision making process.
  3. Application processing times will be reduced from 2+ years to 12 months or less.
  4. Fees for citizenship applications will be increased. The current fees paid by applicants only account for 20% of the actual costs of the application while the remaining 80% was subsidized by the Canadian taxpayers.
  5. More applicants will be required to meet language requirements and pass a knowledge test.

According to Immigration Canada, these changes will strengthen the value of Canadian Citizenship and ensure that new Canadians actively contribute and take part in Canadian society.

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