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Canadian Passport Ranks Among the Best in the World

Published on: January 14th, 2022

The Canadian passport ranks among the top three in the world, according to Global Citizens Solutions’ Global Passport Index report.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in increased travel restrictions and a growing global mobility gap. During this time, travel freedom from countries with less passport power has become increasingly difficult, even for fully vaccinated travellers. A recent report from the Henley Passport Index indicated the widest global mobility gap ever recorded since the first index report 17 years ago.

The Global Passport Index looks at three main factors: enhanced mobility, investment, and quality of living. In other words, how easily a passport-holder can travel, how attractive the country is to investors, and how easy it is for migrants to relocate to.

Enhanced Mobility

Canada scored 97.21 on the Enhanced Mobility index. The index is based on travel benefits for the passport holder, including the number of countries they can travel to without requiring a visa, or the ease at which they can travel to a country.

Canadian passport holders have free access to visit 103 countries without applying for a visa, 35 countries that only require visas upon arrival and 19 that require an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).


The Investment index looks at how attractive a passport holder’s country is for investment opportunities abroad. In short, the index provides a general assessment of the economy as an option for business and investment decisions, favouring prosperous nations with dynamic economies. The Canadian passport received a high rating for its strong financial system and labour market, among other factors.

According to Statistics Canada’s latest Labour Force Survey, the Canadian economy added 55,000 jobs in December 2021. This follows the previous month’s report, which saw the Canadian economy surpass pre-pandemic employment levels. As job vacancies hit a record high, Canada looks to immigration to fill labour market gaps.

Quality of Life

The Quality of Life index considers factors such as political freedom, environmental health, wellbeing, and general perception of immigration.

Canada scored very highly on sustainable development, freedom, environmental performance, happiness, and migrant acceptance.

Canada is known for its generally strong support of immigration. In fact, Canada was ranked as the number one most accepting country for newcomers, according to Gallup’s Migrant Acceptance Index.

In an increasingly globalized world, having a strong passport allows Canadians the freedom of mobility. With record-high immigration targets over the next three years, more and more newcomers can experience this.


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