Canada’s Trusted Institution Framework: Improving International Student Opportunities

Published on: September 8th, 2023

Canada is preparing for a significant change in how it welcomes international students. The Trusted Institution Framework, scheduled for implementation in 2024, aims to improve Canada’s international education sector. This initiative will bring numerous benefits to both international students and educational institutions.

The Trusted Institution Framework has emerged as a response to several cases in 2023 where international students were affected by irregularities in the student enrollment process. To prevent this from recurring, they will utilize data from IRCC and information provided by DLIs.


Evaluating Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs)

As outlined in the International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF) article, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is considering a two-level system for issuing study permits. They want to focus on Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) that meet the Trusted Institutions Framework’s criteria. If one of these institutions accept you, you’ll get faster processing for your study permit application.

Furthermore, different articles mention that the primary goal of this framework is to evaluate DLIs using specific criteria. These criteria encompass factors such as student program retention rates, on-time program completion and revenue generated from international students. They also look at scholarships for students from less developed countries, funding for support services for international students, the availability of student housing, and the student-teacher ratio. All these aspects are crucial to ensuring international students have a safe and enriching learning experience.

Looking Ahead: Canada’s Commitment to International Education

To conduct these evaluations, they will utilize information from the Canadian government. Information such as the number of study permits approved, students’ countries of origin, and post-study outcomes. IRCC aims to have the first list of Trusted Institutions ready by spring 2024, emphasizing Canada’s commitment to remaining a top choice for international students.

Institutions that receive the Trusted Institution designation may enjoy certain benefits, like expedited processing for their students’ applications. However, the full details are yet to be disclosed. This is part of a broader effort to enhance Canada’s International Student Program.

However, this new framework has also sparked discussions about potential limits on the number of international students coming to Canada. This is due to concerns about insufficient student housing. Canada’s Minister of Housing, Sean Fraser, and Minister of Immigration, Marc Miller, have mentioned the possibility of restricting the number of international students. They acknowledge that the International Student Program greatly benefits Canada, but the high demand has put pressure on certain communities.


Addressing Challenges in International Education

Despite some provinces like Quebec expressing no intention to limit international students, many Canadians believe that collaboration is the way forward. They advocate for the government, businesses, and institutions to create more student housing. They argue that imposing limits might hinder Canada from attracting talented students and generating revenue.

The Trusted Institution Framework represents a significant step toward improving the lives of international students and maintaining Canada’s status as a top choice for education. As we learn more about this framework, we will witness how it transforms international education, making it safer and more reputable for all students.


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