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New Measures to Enhance and Protect the International Student Program Announced

Canada, renowned for its outstanding educational institutions, diverse society, and opportunities for international students, is taking steps to strengthen and secure its International Student Program. […]

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Canada’s Trusted Institution Framework: Improving International Student Opportunities

Canada is preparing for a significant change in how it welcomes international students. The Trusted Institution Framework, scheduled for implementation in 2024, aims to improve […]

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Canada Reevaluates International Student Enrollments: Will Student Admissions Be Reduced?

In a significant shift reflecting stricter regulations for foreign students aspiring to study in Canada, the country’s new immigration minister announced last week that the […]

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Students Earlier Rejected in Ontario Offered A New Option

With a proactive approach to addressing the admissions issue in Ontario, institutions have joined forces to provide solutions for those impacted.    

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International Students Can Now Work Over 20 Hours a Week

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced temporary measures to increase the number of authorized work hours for international students. Starting November 15, 2022, […]

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Online Studies to Count Toward PGWP Until August 2022

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada has allowed international students to count time spent studying online toward the length of a post-graduate work permit (PGWP). Though […]

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Canada is Refusing More and More Students from African Countries

A recent report in Le Devoir revealed an increasingly high study permit refusal rate among applicants coming from francophone African countries.

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How to Address a Study Gap on Your Canadian Study Permit Application

Sometimes it is necessary to take a break from pursuing academia, whether it be for family reasons, health reasons, or to gain work experience. Many […]

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