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Express Entry Draw 239 | 893 PNP Candidates Invited

Published on: February 1st, 2023

The latest Canadian Express Entry draw was just held, marking the third draw of 2023. Express Entry draw 239 saw a CRS score of 733 and invited 893 PNP candidates to apply.

Express Entry Draw 239

Date of Draw: February 1st, 2023

Number of Invitations Issued: 893

Minimum CRS:  733

Program Specified: Non-specified

Tie-breaking rule: December 09, 2022, at 10:49:57 UTC

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First Program Specific Draw Since July 2022

The third Express Entry draw of the year was just held. Express Entry draw 239 issued 893 Invitations to Apply (ITA) to Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) candidates with a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) of 733. This was the first program specific draw since July 2022. Until today, draws for the past six months have been for all-program draws. In an all program draws, candidates can be invited from any of the three economic programs managed by Express Entry without needing a Provincial Nomination

February 1st’s draw was the third of the new year and followed a unique start to the year for Express Entry due to January’s back to back draws. Although there is no rule stating when Express Entry draws need to take place, typically draws have been being held bi-weekly on Wednesday afternoons. The previous draw was also significant in that it saw the CRS score drop 17 points from 507 to 409, an uncommonly high point decrease. 

Candidates in today’s draw have already received a Provincial Nomination. Nearly all provinces and territories have PNP’s that align with Express Entry, the exceptions being Quebec and Nunavut.  A PNP nomination grants an additional 600 points to the applicants CRS score. Todays score cut-off of 733 means that applicants needed a minimum score of 133 before receiving their  PNP nomination in order to be eligible.

How Can I Be Invited Through a PNP Express Entry Draw?

Every Canadian province and territory (except Quebec and Nunavut) operate its own nominee programs, operating multiple different streams. Each PNP stream has its own eligibility requirements; while many require a connection to the province to apply (work experience, a job offer, a family member, or education in the province), there are also programs available to overseas workers without any connections to Canada. Many of these programs also scan the Express Entry pool and invite profiles based on their skills or work experience.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) that are aligned with the Express Entry system allow candidates to apply for permanent residence through the Express Entry system for expedited processing.

Candidates that receive a nomination through an Express Entry PNP receive an additional 600 points toward their CRS score. These extra points essentially guarantee an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

Express Entry Gearing Up for Changes

The IRCC has been working to create draw categories since Bill C-19 received royal assent back in June. This will be a big shift from the way Express Entry draws are currently held. Currently only the top ranking candidates in the entire Express Entry pool receive an ITA. Targeted draws by category would also allow the government to better fill specific labour shortages and target those with in-demand skills.

Currently it has yet to be announced exactly what these categories are or more details on how exactly these draws will take place. The minister of immigration is expected to announce these categories before invitations are issued.

While the categories have not been announced, it is likely that they will be based on a candidate’s qualities such as education, occupation, work experience or language ability. This will better allow the government to target those with skills that are most urgent in Canada. This also means that applicants who may not have a top CRS score compared to the entire Express Entry pool, will have a better chance at being selected if they have qualities that are targeted by these draws.

What Is Express Entry and How Can I Apply?

Express Entry is a system used by the Canadian government to manage applications for Canadian permanent residency. Express Entry uses a point-based system, the CRS, to rank candidates’ profiles. The system manages three main programs:

Applying to Express Entry is a two-step procedure. The first step is to submit your profile with the required documents. Required documents usually consist of language test results, educational credentials and passport or travel documentation.

After you submit a profile and receive an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence, you can submit your complete application for the IRCC to review. Your complete application should include supporting documents such as reference letters, additional identity documents, police clearance certificates, and results of a medical examination.

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