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Students Earlier Rejected in Ontario Offered A New Option

Published on: August 18th, 2023

With a proactive approach to addressing the admissions issue in Ontario, institutions have joined forces to provide solutions for those impacted.



Around a week ago, more than 500 international students that were accepted to a college in Ontario, received an unexpected email. The email informed them that their admission offer for this coming school year had been revoked. All of them were registered in Pures College of Technology, a private partner of Northern College. According to the college, some of them were already in Canada when they were informed that their admission had been withdrawn.

Who is Responsible for the Acceptance Process of International Students?

According to a CBC report, Northern College alleged that the problem was caused by approving more visas for international students than originally anticipated. Additionally, David Francis, the Director of Strategic Initiatives for Northern College, stated that it is the responsibility of Northern College to project the number of visas that will be approved before the start of each semester. This implies that the school issues more acceptance letters than it can actually accommodate. Based on this assumption, they foresee that a portion of the applicants could have their visas denied or may choose not to attend.

Colleges are well aware that numerous students submit applications to multiple schools. Consequently, they routinely formulate projections prior to each semester, taking into consideration the likelihood that certain students they have already admitted might opt to enroll in alternative institutions.

In response to inquiries from CBC, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada expressed its “deep disappointment” with Northern College’s handling of the situation. They emphasized that it lacks the jurisdiction to oversee acceptance letters for specific educational institutions.

Echoing a comparable viewpoint, Ontario’s Ministry of Colleges and Universities conveyed a similar stance. The ministry stated in a written release, “As an independent institution, Northern College holds complete authority over the admissions process.”

What Options Do Rejected Students Now Have?

As part of their efforts to address the situation, Northern College revealed that they have collaborated with Centennial College. They are looking to establish enrollment alternatives for the students impacted by these developments during the 2023/24 academic year.

In an official statement, Northern College explained that they intend to evaluate these students for admission into a program that closely aligns with the one they initially applied for. The primary objective is to successfully place these students into appropriate academic programs for the upcoming academic year.

“We are grateful to have partnered with Centennial College to prepare enrolment options for affected students for the 2023/24 academic year.” mentioned the college in the statement.

It has been reported that approximately 335 students have demonstrated their interest in pursuing studies at Centennial College. They accept it as an alternative option. Out of this group, around 250 students have completed the application process for the assessment, as confirmed by Northern College. A significant portion of these students have already secured housing arrangements within Canada.

This strategic partnership between Northern College and Centennial College underscores their commitment to finding viable solutions for the affected students. This also highlights the collaborative approach taken by educational institutions during challenging times.

International Students in Ontario

Ontario holds the distinction of having the highest percentage of international students. The province accounts for 51% of all international students in Canada. According to the Eudera report, the current count stands at 807,750 international students across various study levels, all possessing study permits in Canada. Consequently, the province is currently home to over 400,000 students, nestled amidst its picturesque lakes and rivers.

Ontario remains the top preferred destination for international students in Canada. This is due to its academic excellence, diverse cultural experiences, and safe and vibrant cities. Also for its opportunities for research, networking, and practical learning through internships and co-op programs. 


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