Quebec: More jobs means experts recommend accepting more immigrants

Quebec: Experts Recommend Accepting More Immigrants

06 Dec, 2017 Quebec: More jobs means experts recommend accepting more immigrants

In a report released on December 1st, 2017, by Statistics Canada, it was announced that Canada’s unemployment rate has reached its lowest since February 2008, with only 5.9% of the labour force not currently holding a job. This means there are more jobs available for people living in Canada than there have been since 2008.

In the province of Quebec, the unemployment rate has fallen to a mere 5.4%, which is leaving some employers struggling to find employees to accept their job offers. In one article issued by the Canadian Broadcast Company (CBC), several restaurants throughout Quebec have been forced to close their doors or reduce their hours of operation simply because they cannot find enough workers to fill their vacancies.

The increasing number of jobs available in Quebec suggests good news for immigrants. First, this means that more jobs are available for those able to successfully obtain the legal status to work in the province. Second, this means increased pressure to raise immigration quotas in Quebec, as experts are calling for higher immigration targets to address the needs of the labour force.

Recommendation: Increase Quebec Immigration Quota

One report issued by the Institut du Québec (IDQ) in October 2017, strongly recommends that Quebec increase its immigration quotas. The IDQ notes that due to Quebec’s low-birth rate, high rate of residents leaving for other provinces, and an aging population, the economy will be negatively affected unless the government can find more people to fill job vacancies.

In order to strengthen Quebec’s future economy, the IDQ makes two recommendations about immigration: (1) Increase immigration targets by a minimum of 10,000 individuals, and (2) Provide new immigrants with better resources to be integrated into Quebec society, culture, and employment. By accepting higher levels of new immigrants, Quebec will be able to fill job vacancies and maintain a strong economy.

Quebec has already announced that it plans to welcome 50,000 newcomers in 2018 through its immigration programs. However, if Canada’s economy continues to improve and Quebec is unable to find employees to accept job offers, then expanding the province’s immigration programs even more is the solution recommended by experts.

The Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) Program

Quebec’s Skilled Worker program is currently closed to new applicants unless they are living inside the province already and meet the minimum requirements outlined on the Quebec immigration website. Canadim’s news team will continue monitoring the program and will post updates on our blog if Quebec announces any changes.

For individuals currently living in Quebec and seeking permanent residence, Canadim can help to determine your eligibility and help you to apply! Simply call the office at 514 989-9700 to schedule a free consultation with one of our Quebec immigration specialists.

If you are living outside of the province of Quebec and interested in Canadian immigration, you can complete our free online assessment and a member of the Canadim Team will contact you to review your options!



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