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TEF & TCF: French Tests for PR

If you speak French, taking the TEF or TCF language test can significantly increase your chances in the Express Entry pool.

Understanding the Canadian Immigration Points System

When someone refers to the Canadian immigration points system, they are likely referring to Canada’s Express Entry system. Express Entry uses a points system to select […]

Express Entry: All About Category-Based Selection

The IRCC has begun conducting category-based draws for Express Entry. This new process is a big change for Express Entry and has left many wondering […]

Can Dreamers (DACA) Apply for a Canadian Visa?

Canada and America share many things in common. Our economies are closely linked, our system of government is relatively similar and our way of life […]

Express Entry and Your Family: Proving You’re Related

The Canadian immigration system understands the importance of keeping families together. For this reason, Express Entry applicants may include their family members in an application […]

Top 7 Reasons Canadian Express Entry Applications are Denied

Express Entry is the fastest and most popular pathway to permanent residence for immigrants seeking a new life in Canada. This year alone the Canadian […]

Don’t Be Penalised for Age: How to Maximise CRS Points 

Age is an important factor in immigration through Express Entry. After 30 years old, you begin to progressively lose points for age. Take a look […]

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Truck Driver

Canada is experiencing a historic labour shortage across the country. Trucking is among the hardest hit and demand for truckers has never been greater. Are […]

Marriage While Applying for Express Entry, What You Need to Know

While marriage is certainly a joyous time to celebrate, it may leave you with questions when it comes to your Canadian immigration application. Many people […]

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