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Category: Immigration Fraud

Immigration Fraud

The Importance of Using a Credible Immigration Lawyer: Woman Facing Deportation After 18 Years in Canada

Laura Emmanuelle Souchet moved to Canada with her mother when she was just 12 years old. Last week, 18 years after she arrived in Canada, […]

Is My Canadian Job Offer Legitimate? How to Spot a Scam

Job offer fraud is on the rise, especially in the world of immigration. As a top immigration law firm in Canada, it is our priority […]

woman typing on phone
What to Do If You Think You’ve Been Made a Victim of Immigration Fraud

Unfortunately, the immigration sector sees its fair share of fraudulence and exploitation. As we’ve seen recently, impersonation and misrepresentation through the immigration process are not […]

being scammed
Be Aware: Fraudster Impersonating Attorney Dery

Immigration fraud is an unfortunate reality, and the best way to protect yourself is to learn how to identify it. From receiving a fake job […]

March is Canada’s 15th Annual Fraud Prevention Month

Although we wish it weren’t the case, immigration fraud is a reality for many around the world. The good news is that the more you […]

What you need to know to avoid immigration fraud

Unfortunately, immigration fraud is a reality all around the globe. But! The more you know, the safer you will be in protecting your money and […]

Doing this one thing on your Express Entry profile can get you banned from Canada

The number one rule when dealing Canadian immigration is to never lie. It’s especially important to be truthful when applying to an immigration program under […]

Fraud Prevention Month: Protect yourself from immigration fraud

In 2015, an immigration consultant working out of Vancouver, British Columbia was convicted of widespread immigration fraud. The consultant, Xun “Sunny” Wang, had falsified documents […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Your immigration application could be one of the most important moments of your life. If you choose to hire an expert to help you through […]

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