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Immigration Fraud

online job scam in canada
Is My Canadian Job Offer Legitimate? How to Spot a Scam

Whether you’re a newcomer exploring opportunities or someone curious about the authenticity of a job offer, we’ll guide you through the key indicators to ensure […]

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Beware: Unmasking Common Online Scams Impersonating Canadim Lawyers

Navigating the complexities of immigration can be challenging, especially with the rising threat of online scams. Join us in uncovering the most common fraudsters attempting […]

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How to Avoid Immigration Fraud in Canada?

Did you know that immigration fraud is a real concern worldwide? The good news is, the more you know, the better you can protect your […]

Immigration Fraud: 5 Red Flags

The Canadim Team take Canadian Immigration fraud very seriously. Unfortunately, fraud is a prevalent problem in our industry. There are many unscrupulous individuals and companies […]

How Misrepresenting On Your Express Entry Profile Can Get You Banned from Canada

It is very important not to lie, or misrepresent when applying to an immigration program under Express Entry. Misrepresentation on an Express Entry application can […]

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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Your immigration application could be one of the most important moments of your life. If you choose to hire an expert to help you through […]

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