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How Misrepresenting On Your Express Entry Profile Can Get You Banned from Canada

Published on: April 19th, 2019

It is very important not to lie, or misrepresent when applying to an immigration program under Express Entry. Misrepresentation on an Express Entry application can take many forms, including leaving out information, giving false details, or providing immigration officials with fraudulent documents.

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Misrepresentation is a form of fraud, which the Canadian government considers a crime. For this reason, misrepresentation in a Canadian immigration application can have serious consequences. A valid charge of misrepresentation can completely derail a person’s plans to come to Canada through Express Entry.

What does the law say?

Lying in an interview or on an application is fraud. In fact, Canada considers document fraud an indictable offence under the Criminal Code. If convicted of fraud, a person can face steep fines and even prison time.

Immigration officials do not take misrepresentation lightly. Applications that are found to contain false information will be denied immediately by the Canadian government.

Due to the considerable consequences, it is important that all documents in an application are accurate and that applicants are fully truthful in their interviews with immigration officers.


Besides causing immediate denial for an application to an Express Entry program, misrepresentation can have serious impacts on people who are seeking to come to Canada through these programs.

If immigration officers find evidence of misrepresentation in an application, they can charge the applicant with fraud. Applicants who are guilty of misrepresentation may then receive a five-year ban from entering Canada or removal from the country entirely. Consequently, the applicant will be unable to gain permanent residency and will have a permanent record noting fraud in their immigration file.

The most serious consequence of misrepresentation in Express Entry applications is the loss of status in Canada. If it is revealed that a person used fraudulent means in their application, they can have their permanent residency or Canadian citizenship taken away from them.

When it comes to immigration and Express Entry applications, honesty is the best policy. Be sure to fill out applications with complete and accurate information. Do not put your application and your future in Canada at risk by lying to immigration officials or passing along false documents.


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