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How to Sponsor Your Wife or Husband to Canada

Do you know how to bring your wife to Canada? Do you know how to bring your husband to Canada? Well Canadim is here to help you bring your family to Canada permanently!

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It’s not just Canadim that wants to help bring your family here either. Canada as a country is all about family unification too and that’s why Immigration Canada has made spousal sponsorship one of the fastest routes to Canadian Permanent Residence. Immigration Canada also does not have a minimum financial requirement to sponsor a spouse!

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Canadim to Help You With your Sponsorship Application

  1. We will prepare your application in the best possible light. This should minimize any questions the visa officer might have and, overall, this should shorten the application processing times and lower your chances of being called for an immigration interview.
  2. We handle almost all of the paper work for you so you don’t have too. We will also advise you which documents to provide to prove your relationship status and which ones you shouldn’t.
  3. As a Canadim client you are entitled to unlimited phone calls, emails and visits if you are in the Montreal area to our office. All for a flat rate contract so there will be no unexpected costs.
  4. We are the point of contact with the visa office so you can rest assured knowing that Canadim is taking care of any and all correspondence with the visa office.
  5. We can help you decide which type of processing is best for your case. Depending on how we apply, we can also help obtain an open work permit for your spouse.

One point that we didn’t mention is the peace of mind that being a Canadim client gives you. We have an excellent success rate and we work very hard to get you approved as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Always keep in mind that you need be a Permanent Resident of Canada or a Canadian Citizen in order to sponsor a spouse, dependent child or your parents or grandparents.  No other type of family member is eligible to be sponsored. That means you cannot sponsor or be sponsored by a sibling, cousin, niece, nephew or close friend.

Something else that’s important to note is that unless you are married or common-law you cannot sponsor your partner. An engagement provides no status in Canada.

Take our family sponsorship assessment today and let Canadim handle the A-Z of your immigration application while you enjoy your everyday life!

We look forward to helping you.

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The Canadim Team!

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