What Can We Expect? Express Entry Forecast 2019

04 Jan, 2019 What Can We Expect? Express Entry Forecast 2019

Several important moves occurred in Canadian immigration in 2018, signalling the coming of another pivotal year in 2019. As we look forward to an exciting year in Canadian immigration, many people are asking, “What can we expect?”. With the Express Entry system being the most popular and fastest route to Canadian permanent residence, let’s take a look at what we can expect with Express Entry in 2019.


Invitations to Apply Set to Increase

2018 saw the introduction of another multi-year immigration targets plan. The plan, delivered in November, extends the original version into 2021 and promises to welcome over one million newcomers to the country. This plan marks the highest immigration targets in Canadian history, and intends to attract skilled workers to the country.

As mentioned above, the fastest and most efficient path to permanent residence for skilled workers is under the Express Entry system. With the increased demand for skilled workers in the coming years, the number of invitations to apply (ITAs) under Express Entry will almost certainly be increasing. With more ITA’s issued every few weeks, the chances to be selected for Canadian permanent residence increase.

Quotas Grow for Provincial Nominee Programs

Canada’s provinces host a number of specific immigration streams called Provincial Nominee Programs or PNPs. PNPs open and close at different times throughout the year and have different intake quotas and methods of selection. PNPs offer immigration pathways that are suited to the labour needs of the province, and as unemployment remains at a record low and job availability grows across the country, provinces are increasingly seeking more skilled workers to fill market gaps.

As Express Entry continues to prove more efficient and time-saving, more PNPs are becoming aligned with Express Entry in order to ensure an easier application process. In order to be eligible for these PNPs, first you must make sure that you have an active profile in Canada’s Express Entry pool.

CRS Expected to Drop

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is the tool used by the Express Entry system for ranking candidates applying for immigration under Express Entry. The competitiveness of an applicant’s CRS score will determine whether they receive an ITA at the next round of invitations.

At the introduction of Express Entry, the cut-off for CRS scores remained high, around 500 points. As a backlog of previous applications has been processed, and immigration targets increase, it is expected that the CRS needed to receive an ITA will continue to drop in 2019. The final Express Entry draw of 2018 was a significant push in this direction, accepting applicants with the lowest cut-off of the entire year, 439 points!,

2019 is set to continue the growth seen in 2018, making it your best year for Canadian immigration success!

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