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Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category

The British Columbia Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker (ELSS) stream is one of several immigration programs contained within the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP), a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) operated by the province of British Columbia. BC ELSS prioritizes the nomination of immigrants who have semi-skilled work experience in the province along with an offer of employment from a BC employer.

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Candidates who are successfully nominated through the BC Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker stream will be invited to submit an official application for Canadian permanent residence. Please note that this program offers special relaxed eligibility requirements for those with semi-skilled work experience in the Northeast Development Region of the province of British Columbia.

Program Requirements

Express Entry ProfileNo
Connection to ProvinceWork Experience
Job OfferYes
Language ProficiencyCLB 4
Level of EducationNo minimum
Work ExperienceEmployed in British Columbia
9 months
Investment RequirementNone

Connection to British Columbia

To be eligible for the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker stream, candidates must have been working in British Columbia on a valid work permit for the last nine (9) months. They must have been working full-time, and in an occupation on the ELSS In-Demand Occupation List or an occupation in the Northeast Development Region of British Columbia.  


Job Offer

Candidates must have a valid job offer for full-time, indeterminate employment from a BC employer. The wages for the position must be competitive when compared to average provincial wages for the occupation. The offer must be for work at National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Level C or D. Notably, the BC PNP job offer does not need to be supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).  


Language Proficiency

Candidates must provide language test results proving English or French language proficiency at Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 4 or higher.  


Work Experience

In order to be considered eligible for the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category, candidates must have at least nine (9) months of work experience in British Columbia. Work experience must have been obtained in one of the ELSS In-Demand Occupations. Any work experience at NOC Skill Level C or D (with the exception of live-in caregivers) completed in British Columbia’s Northeast Development Region will fulfill the work experience requirement regardless of whether or not it is included in the In-Demand Occupations list. The candidate must also have any qualifications required to perform the job in BC.  

Employer Requirements

In order for an applicant to apply to most BC Skills Immigration programs, they must have a valid job offer from a BC employer. Under these programs, the employers must meet certain general requirements in order for their job offers to be considered valid.  


Job Offer Requirements

The employer must offer a full-time, indeterminate position with a wage that meets industry standards. As well, the position must meet BC’s minimum wage requirements as per the applicant’s annual wage, location of residence in BC, and number of dependent family members.  


Business Requirements

The business must be established and in good standing in British Columbia with a history of good workplace and business practices. The business must also meet minimum employee requirements:

  • Inside Vancouver: At least five full-time employees.
  • Outside Vancouver: At least three full-time employees.


Recruitment Requirements

The employer must demonstrate that reasonable efforts were made to recruit a Canadian to fill the position prior to offering the position to a foreign national. Notably, under the BC PNP, employers are not required to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in order for their positions to be valid.

Application Procedure

The British Columbia Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker stream operates on an Expression of Interest (EOI) system. Candidates who meet the minimum stream requirements can register a profile using the BC’s online immigration portal. Once the profile has been submitted, candidates will be assigned a score and ranked against one another using the BC Skills Immigration Ranking System. The highest ranking candidates will be invited to apply to the stream in one of the stream’s periodic intakes.

Candidates must submit a complete application to the stream within 30 days from when they receive the invitation to apply. The BC ELSS stream charges a $700 CAD application fee per applicant. If the application is approved, the candidate will be issued a provincial nomination for permanent residence from BC. If the candidate is not already working for their BC employer, they can also request to receive a letter of support for a temporary work permit, so that they can begin working in Canada while their application for permanent residence is processed. Applying for a work permit with a letter of support from a province represents a separate application to IRCC.

After receiving the provincial nomination, the applicant has six months to submit an official application for permanent residence. They must prepare a paper-based application and submit it by mail to the appropriate application centre. Paper-based PNP applications for permanent residence are generally processed within 18 months.

BC ELSS In-Demand Occupation List

Unless they worked in an occupation in the Northeast Development Region of British Columbia, candidates must have at least nine months of work experience in BC in one of these occupations.

NOC CodeOccupation
Occupations in Travel and Accommodation
6525Hotel Front Desk Clerks
Tour and Recreational Guides and Casino Occupations
6531Tour and Travel Guides
6532Outdoor Sport and Recreational Guides
6533Casino Occupations
Occupations in Food and Beverage Service
6511Maitres d'hotel and Hosts/Hostesses
6513Food and Beverage Servers
6711Food Counter Attendants, Kitchen Helpers, etc.
Cleaners (employed directly by hotels/resorts)
6731Light Duty Cleaners
6732Specialized Cleaners
6733Janitors, Caretakers and Building Superintendents
6721Support Occupations in Accommodation, Travel and Facilities Set-Up Services
Other Service Occupations (employed directly by hotels/resorts)
6741Dry Cleaning, Laundry and Related Occupations
6742Other Service Support Occupations
Food Processing
9461Process Control and Machine Operators, Food and Beverage Processing
9462Industrial Butchers and Meat Cutters, Poultry Preparers and Related Workers
9463Fish and Seafood Plant Workers
9465Testers and Graders, Food, Beverage and Associated Products Processing
9617Labour in Food, Beverage and Associated Products Processing
9618Labourers in Fish and Seafood Processing
Long-Haul Truck Drivers
7511Long-Haul Truck Driver

British Columbia Skills Immigration Ranking System

FactorMaximum Points
Economic Factors (120)Skill Level of the B.C. Job Offer60
Wage of the B.C. Job Offer50
Regional District of Employment10
Human Capital Factors (80)Directly Related Work Experience25
Highest Level of Education25
Total Available Points200

Skill Level of Job Offer

Skill Level of the B.C. Job OfferPoints
NOC Skill Level A (including Skill Type 0)25
NOC Skill Level B10
NOC Skill Level C5
NOC Skill Level D5
Bonus points:
Occupation is a “00” NOC15
Occupation identified in the BC High Demand Occupations List in the BC Labour Market Outlook 2018 Edition10
Currently working full-time in B.C. for the employer in the occupation identified in the BC PNP registration10
Maximum Score Available60

Annual Wage of Job Offer

Annual Wage of the B.C. Job OfferPoints
$100,000 and above50
$97,500 to $99,99938
$95,000 to $97,49937
$92,500 to $94,99936
$90,000 to $92,49935
$87,500 to $89,99934
$85,000 to $87,49933
$82,500 to $84,99932
$80,000 to $82,49931
$77,500 to $79,99930
$75,000 to $77,49929
$72,500 to $74,99928
$70,000 to $72,49927
$67,500 to $69,99926
$65,000 to $67,49925
$62,500 to $64,99924
$60,000 to $62,49923
$57,500 to $59,99922
$55,000 to $57,49921
$52,500 to $54,99920
$50,000 to $52,49919
$47,500 to $49,999 18
$45,000 to $47,49917
$42,500 to $44,99916
$40,000 to $42,499 15
$38,750 to $39,99914
$37,500 to $38,74913
$36,250 to $37,49912
$35,000 to $36,24911
$33,750 to $34,99910
$32,500 to $33,7499
$31,250 to $32,4998
$30,000 to $31,2497
$28,750 to $29,9996
$27,500 to $28,7495
$26,250 to $27,4994
$25,000 to $26,2493
Less than $25,0000
Maximum Score Available50

Regional District of Employment

Regional District of EmploymentPoints
Stikine, Central Coast, Northern Rockies, Mount Waddington, Skeena-Queen Charlotte, Powell River, Sunshine Coast, Kootenay-Boundary, Alberni-Clayoquot10
Kitimat-Stikine, Bulkley-Nechako, Squamish-Lillooet, Strathcona, Columbia-Shuswap, East Kootenay8
Peace River, Comox Valley, Cariboo, Central Kootenay6
Okanagan-Similkameen, Cowichan Valley, North Okanagan, Fraser-Fort George 4
Thompson-Nicola, Nanaimo, Central Okanagan2
Capital, Fraser Valley2
Greater Vancouver0
Maximum Score Available10

Related Work Experience

Directly Related Work Experience in the Occupation of B.C. Job OfferPoints
60+ months15
48 to 59 months12
36 to 47 months9
24 to 35 months6
12 months to 23 months3
Less than 12 months1
Bonus points:
At least 1 year of directly related experience in Canada 10
Maximum Score Available25


Master’s or Doctorate/PhD17
Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma*11
Bachelor’s Degree11
Post-secondary Diploma/Certificate (Trades)**11
Associate Degree4
Post-secondary Diploma/Certificate (Non-trades)2
Secondary School (High School) or Less0
Bonus points:
Post-secondary education completed in B.C.8
Post-secondary education completed in Canada (outside of B.C.)6
Educational Credential Assessment from a qualified supplier 4
Successfully completed the Industry Training Authority British Columbia (ITABC’s) challenge certification process 4
Maximum Score Available 25


Canadian Language Benchmark LevelPoints
8 22
7 18
6 14
5 10
Below 40
No test 0
Maximum Score Available 30

British Columbia Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker - Recent Draws & Invitation History

Below is the information regarding recent British Columbia Skills Immigration draws for the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Workers category:

BC Skills Immigration – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Draws

DateMinimum Score
19 January 202180
5 January 202177
29 December 202080
22 December 202077
8 December 202077
24 November 202075
10 November 202075
13 October 202075
29 September 202075
15 September 202075
1 September 202076
18 August 202076
7 August 202076
14 July 202076
30 June 202079
16 June 202080
2 June 202081
19 May 202081
7 May 202083
16 April 202085
10 March 202083
27 February 202085
28 January 202085
7 January 202085
17 December 201979
27 November 201977
12 November 201975
29 October 201977
15 October 201980
1 October 201978
17 September 201977
3 September 201977
20 August 201977
6 August 201980
23 July 201980
9 July 201980
18 June 201975
21 May 201975
7 May 201975
23 April 201975
9 April 201975
2 April 201973
26 March 201973
5 March 201969
12 February 201967
30 January 201968
23 January 201968
16 January 201968
2 January 201968
19 December 201868
5 December 201868
14 November 201870
31 October 201870
17 October 201880
10 October 201865
19 September 201865
5 September 201865
22 August 201865
15 August 201865
8 August 201865
25 July 201865
11 July 201865
27 June 201870
13 June 201865
30 May 201870
23 May 2018
(tech pilot draw)
16 May 201860
2 May 201860
18 April 201850
11 April 2018
(tech pilot draw)
4 April 201855
21 March 201860
28 February 201840
14 February 201840
31 January 201840
17 January 201840
3 January 201840
20 December 201740
6 December 201740
22 November 201740
8 November 201740
25 October 201740
11 October 201740
27 September 201740
13 September 201740
31 August 201740
16 August 201740
2 August 201745
19 July 201745
27 June 201755
7 June 201750
24 May 201750
10 May 201760
19 April 201745
5 April 201745
22 March 201760
8 March 201765
23 February 201765
17 February 201765
3 February 201770
21 December 201665
8 December 201660
17 November 201650
10 November 201650
3 November 201650
28 October 201645
12 October 201650
27 September 201660
15 September 201680
4 August 201670
29 June 201695
2 June 201688
8 April 201695

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