Manitoba Invites 650 Candidates to Apply for Nomination

Published on: September 27th, 2021

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has released details from their September 23rd Expression of Interest draw. The results revealed that the province issued 650 Letters of Advice to Apply (LAA), primarily to Skilled Workers in Manitoba.


Manitoba’s latest draw invited candidates under the Skilled Workers In Manitoba, International Education, and Skilled Worker Overseas streams.

The points requirement for the  Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream has decreased from the previous round of invitations, and more of these candidates were invited. In contrast, the number of invitations issued to Skilled Workers Overseas has decreased, with a higher draw cut-off than the previous draw.

Earlier this summer, a record number of invitations were issued to Skilled Worker Overseas candidates, targeting some of the lowest scores ever. It seems Manitoba has returned to focusing on Skilled Workers in Manitoba candidates and those who have been invited directly under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

Receiving an invitation under a Strategic Initiative adds an additional 500 points toward a candidate’s MPNP Expression of Interest score. This gives these candidates an advantage in Expression of Interest draws, and a higher chance of receiving a LAA.

Candidates who have received a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) may apply to Manitoba for nomination. Successfully nominated candidates will be invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

MPNP Draw #126 Results:

Skilled Workers in Manitoba:

Number of Invitations issued: 529
Score of lowest-ranked candidate invited: 401

International Education Stream:

Number of Invitations issued: 54

Score of lowest-ranked candidate invited: N/A

Skilled Workers Overseas:

Number of Invitations issued: 67
Score of lowest-ranked candidate invited: 718

All Skilled Worker Overseas candidates invited in this draw had received an invitation directly through a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Programs

Manitoba has three main skilled worker streams: Skilled Workers in ManitobaSkilled Workers Overseas, and the International Education stream.

As suggested by the name, the Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream requires candidates to be working in the province with a job offer at the time of applying. These candidates must have been working for the employer for at least six months prior to submitting an application to MPNP.

Alternatively, the International Education Stream targets individuals who have recently completed a post-secondary credential in Manitoba. In addition, these candidates must have some work experience or business management experience in the province. They may have completed the experience either after graduation or as part of an internship or co-op during their studies.

The Manitoba Skilled Worker Overseas Stream targets skilled workers that can fill labour gaps and easily adapt to living in the province. These candidates must have a connection through either a supporter or experience in the province, or an invitation directly under a strategic recruitment initiative.

A supporter must be a friend or family member that is a permanent resident or citizen and has been living in the province for at least one year. They must be able to support the applicant’s settlement plan and prove they have sufficiently close ties to both the applicant and the province.

MPNP strategic recruitment initiatives actively involves employers in recruiting skilled workers to help to fill labour gaps in the province. Manitoba can invite candidates directly under a strategic initiative to qualify for the Skilled Worker Overseas program.

How do MPNP Expression of Interest draws work?

Once a candidate has submitted a Expression of Interest, Manitoba will rank the profile using their unique points grid.

The points system ranks candidates on language, proficiency, age, work experience, and education. These factors are often referred to as “human capital factors”. Manitoba also allocates points for adaptability; adaptability may refer to a candidate’s connection to the province, invitation under a recruitment initiative, or intention to settle outside of Winnipeg.  MPNP may also deduct “Risk Assessment” points if an applicant has a strong connection to another province.

Then, these candidates have a chance to be invited to apply for nomination; in regular draws, MPNP issues “Letters of Advice of Apply” (LAA) to the highest-ranking profiles.

Once a candidate receives an invitation, or LAA, they have 60 days to submit a complete application. At this time, applicants must remit a non-refundable application fee of $500 CAD.

Successful applicants will subsequently be invited to apply to the Canadian government for permanent residency.

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