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Canada Permanent Residence

Do You Need a Job Offer to Come to Canada?

Most Canadian immigration programs have no job offer requirement. In fact, about 90% of Express Entry candidates were invited to apply for permanent residency without […]

Report: What would happen if Canada stopped accepting immigrants

In a report published earlier this month, the Conference Board of Canada examined what exactly would happen if Canada were to stop accepting immigrants. The […]

Applying for Permanent Residence When You’re Out of Status

If you’ve lost your immigration status in Canada, it may feel like you’re out of options. However, there are opportunities available for out-of-status temporary residents […]

foreign worker hired in Canada
How to Move from Work Permit to Permanent Resident in Canada

Obtaining a Temporary Work Permit in Canada is often seen as a crucial step toward achieving Permanent Residency in the country. This aspiration is not […]

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