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Phone on car dashboard
Uber in Canada: Can international students work as drivers?

The short answer: it depends! In recent years, driving a car for Uber has become a popular way of generating a bit of extra income […]

Young woman behind the steering wheel of a car
Can international students drive in Canada?

Yes! Most people who come to Canada as international students are eligible to drive in Canada. But, it depends on the province where you’re studying […]

Can I work in Canada as an International Student?

Yes! Except in rare cases, all Canadian study permits allow international students to work part-time during their studies in Canada. This means international students can […]

IELTS and Canadian Immigration: what score do I need to qualify?

Proving language proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages is an essential part of almost every immigration pathway to the country! The International English Language […]

Vancouver Skyline
3 ways to immigrate to Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia, is a top destination in Canada, for residents and tourists alike. The bustling city has some of the country’s warmest weather, experiencing […]

Montreal Skyline
4 best ways to immigrate to Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, Quebec, is a very popular destination for newcomers to Canada. The city is affordable, culturally diverse, and Quebec has a high job vacancy rate, […]

Toronto Skyline
4 top ways to immigrate to Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is the most popular destination for newcomers to Canada, with first-generation immigrants making up 47% of the city’s population. The city’s popularity is understandable […]

Response to EKOS Poll: Canadians continue to remain positive about immigration

The recent release of a survey from EKOS, an independent Canadian research group, has been widely circulated in Canadian media this week. Media outlets have […]

Canadim City Spotlight: Ottawa, ON

Welcome back to Canadim’s City Spotlight! This week we’re taking on Canada’s national capital, the beautiful city of Ottawa, Ontario.

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