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The state of investor immigration in Canada

Canada has always been a country which values the hard work and talents of entrepreneurs and businesspeople. These days, the Canadian economy is thriving, unemployment […]

Canada’s visitor visa refusal rate is on the rise

According to a new report, Canada’s refusal rate for visitors is on the rise. Would-be visitors from certain countries who want to come to Canada […]

Pardons and Inadmissibility: Can You Come to Canada?

Criminal inadmissibility prevents many people from coming to Canada every year. Luckily, however, permits and rehabilitation allow some travellers to overcome their inadmissibility. But what […]

Immigration Myth – Québec immigration requires French

Québec is one of the largest provinces in Canada. It contains the country’s second largest city, Montréal. Therefore, it attracts a high number of immigrants. […]

Credential Recognition for Canadian Work Experience

A larger number of Canadian immigrants receive their education abroad before coming to Canada. Many of them have impressive degrees from prominent international universities. However, […]

Trouble with Proving Legitimacy for Spousal Sponsorship

Proving the legitimacy of your relationship can be one of the most stressful parts of spousal sponsorship. You must hope that the officer reviewing your […]

Designated Employer Immigration Streams
Work in Canada Fast With These Immigration Streams

There are plenty of reasons why Canada is a great place to move to for work! Canada’s designated employer immigration streams make it easy to […]

Canada’s Immigration Minister considers accepting more immigrants through Atlantic Pilot

In an interview earlier this week, Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen stated that he was considering increasing immigration quotas for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP). Now the federal and provincial […]

Talk Like a Canadian: What Canadian Slang Sounds Like

Planning on coming to Canada? It might help to brush up on your language skills first! And we don’t just mean studying for English and […]

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