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Coronavirus Travel Restrictions & International Students in Canada: What You Need to Know

With school closures and potential travel restrictions on the horizon due to the growing spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), international students in Canada might be […]

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International Students: can my spouse work in Canada while I study?

Canada’s reputation for world-class education, affordable tuition fees, and accessibility of study permits has made the country an increasingly popular option for international students. The […]

Children can study for free in Canada with their parent’s study permit!

All parents applying for a permit to study in Canada are welcome to include their children on the application. As long as the permit is […]

Study Direct Stream lets Filipinos study in Canada more easily than ever!

In June 2017, Canada launched the Study Direct Stream (SDS) for residents of the Philippines who want to study in Canada. Those qualified for SDS […]

5 Steps to Getting your Canadian Study Permit!

Canada is becoming an increasingly popular destination for international students coming from all over the world. Before you can come to study in Canada, there […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Canadian Study Permits

If you want to come to Canada and study as a foreign student, first you must obtain a study permit! The study permit gives foreign […]

Why Your Student Visa Application Could Be Refused

Canada is internationally recognized for several reasons: friendliness, sports, weather, a high standard of living, and much more. It’s also known for its world class […]

Study Permit Canada FAQ

The Canadim Study Permit FAQ guide gives you all the information you need about the most important legal document you need to get started as […]

How to Study in Canada: Apprenticeships

Choosing to study in Canada is a big decision for most. After all, packing your bags and leaving the comforts of everything you know behind […]

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