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Category: Work in Canada

Work in Canada

Employment Insurance Benefits for Foreign Nationals in Canada

Canada’s Employment Insurance (EI) system is available to all eligible workers. This includes all Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and foreign workers on work permits, as […]

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Canada’s Top Emerging Jobs for 2020

Canada’s labour force continues to be in a great position to welcome newcomers. With a current high job vacancy rate, there is a major demand […]

Johnson Victory Sees Increase in Brits Searching “Moving to Canada”

Canada’s liberal immigration policies and high standard of living are once again attracting international attention, this time in the fallout of the latest U.K. election […]

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H-1B Hopefuls Being Drowned Out By ‘Buy American Hire American’ Bureaucracy

After receiving international backlash for plans to build a wall protecting its borders, the Trump administration has taken a more covert approach, quietly adding  bureaucratic […]

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Canada’s Skilled Worker Shortage: Full-Time Workers Needed Across Industries

Canada has seen a major boost in new jobs added this year, and is faced with the demand for skilled workers who can fulfill these jobs. […]

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Quebec Reduces Permanent Skilled Worker Intake by 25 Percent in 2019 – Options for Workers

In 2018, the Coalition Avenir Québec made headlines for running, and winning, on an election campaign that planned to limit immigration to the province by […]

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Immigration programs to consider when job hunting

Statistics Canada reported that 248,000 jobs have been added over the first half of 2019, giving Canada its strongest six month stretch of job growth […]

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Looking for work? Here are Canada’s best jobs for 2019

With the unemployment rate at an all-time low since 1976, now is the perfect time to be looking for work in Canada. While the tech […]

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International Students: can my spouse work in Canada while I study?

Canada’s reputation for world-class education, affordable tuition fees, and accessibility of study permits has made the country an increasingly popular option for international students. The […]

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