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MPNP Renewal: February set to see the arrival of four new immigration pathways

In 2017, the province of Manitoba announced it was going to overhaul the popular Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). This overhaul, called the MPNP Renewal, introduced changes, both big and small, to all parts of the PNP.

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As per the MPNP Renewal, Manitoba officially introduced four streams for the PNP:

International Education Stream
Business Investor Stream
Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream
Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

Changes to the MPNP were scheduled to come into effect throughout 2018 and early 2019. This February, we are set to see the final changes being introduced, with four new “pathways” being implemented. These four pathways are targeted towards skilled workers with experience relevant to the in-demand occupations of the province.

These four pathways will be categorized under two of the broader MPNP streams listed above: the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream, and the Skilled Workers in Manitoba Stream. Each pathway comes with its own unique criteria and application process. By offering several new routes for skilled immigration to Manitoba, the province is better able to attract the workers it needs to fill labour gaps.

Introducing: Skilled Workers Overseas pathways

The Skilled Workers Overseas stream is for international skilled workers who will easily adapt to life in Manitoba. This category prioritizes workers with experience in Manitoba’s in-demand occupations, and those with a friend or family connection to the province. This stream acts as an umbrella for two smaller pathways:

Manitoba Express Entry Pathway: Requires an active Express Entry profile, six months of work experience and support of a close friend or relative who has resided in Manitoba for at least a year.
Human Capital Pathway: For those with the potential to establish strong labour market attachments soon after arrival. These candidates will have foreign work experience and the confirmed support of a close friend or relative who has resided in Manitoba for at least a year.

Introducing: Skilled Workers in Manitoba pathways

This stream is directed at candidates who are likely to make strong labour market attachments to Manitoba, either by already possessing work experience in the province or through a job offer from a Manitoba employer. This stream will be made up of two smaller pathways:

Manitoba Work Experience Pathway: For those currently working in Manitoba with a temporary work permit. Candidates must be residing and working in Manitoba at the time of application.
Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway: For those interviewed by the MPNP and an eligible employer outside of Canada. Candidates for this pathway have received a job offer for permanent, full-time employment in Manitoba, and an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Why Manitoba?

Manitoba has issued over 1,000 invitations to apply for immigration to the province in 2019 alone. The changes being made through the Manitoba renewal aim to strengthen the effectiveness of the program, meaning more skilled workers will be able to call Manitoba their home, and gain permanent residence in Canada in 2019. With the Canadian government planning to welcome over one million newcomers by 2021, we can expect immigration targets across provinces to continue to increase in the coming months!


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